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Crane Bridge

•  Double Girder EOT Crane:
Zam Zam Engineering Industries Double Girder EOT Cranes are designed with suitable factor of safety as per duty class.

•    Crane Bridge: The Structural parts are fabricated from High quality Ship Breaking steel. Crane Bridge girders are fabricated to box girder with plates. The girders of the crane with box type construction have more advantages.

•    End Carriages: End carriages are fabricated from rolled steel sections or plates and are provided with diaphragm members, connected to the girders to prevent cross bending. The end carriages will be of Single piece construction which reduces the change of bending during transportation. Rubber Buffers will be fixed on either side of the each end carriage.

•    Walkway: M.S. Chequered plate with hand railing is provided for maintenance of the crane on one side of bridge o the full length of the crane span and two short lengths on other side.

•    Crab Assembly: The crab frame is fabricated from steel sections and carries hoisting, Electro Hydraulic Thruster Brakes and cross traverse machineries. Double flange carbon steel wheels with support block.

•    Long Travel Assembly: Single Drive Arrangement & Twin Drive Arrangement are provided as per span and capacity of the crane. Each drive comprises of totally enclosed oil lubricated horizontal type gear box, Electric motor and fail safe type brake. In case of single drive out put shaft of gear box extends on both sides which drives one wheel of each end carriage on the principle of ‘floating shaft’ In case of twin drive arrangement out put shaft of gear box extends on one side and drives one wheel of the end carriage.

•    Geared Coupling: The entire transmission system on the cross traverse and long travel gear boxes is designed with use of geared flexible coupling. In capacity of transmitting torque it is the smallest in size and weight in comparison with any other flexible coupling.

•    Control Equipment : Controlling equipment is provided for operation forms the driver cabin thro drum controllers or operation thro pendent push button station.

•    Testing of Crane : The crane will be assembled and tested at our works at ground level, load test and 25% over load test are to be performed at site after erection. Loads shall be arranged by purchaser.

End Carriages


Heavy Dyty Hoist / Crab Assembly
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